Conference sponsorship

In accordance with Section 10 of the IEEE Policies, TCCC (as an organizational unit of the IEEE) can provide sponsorship for conferences. The following sponsorship options exist (see here for more details). Please contact the TCCC chair if you are unsure which option suits your requirements best:

  • Financial Sponsorship: The IEEE Computer Society is the full financial sponsor, it accepts all financial and legal liability and owns all assets.
  • Financial Co-sponsorship: The IEEE Computer Society shares in the financial and legal liabilities and assets with another nonprofit organization or IEEE Society as outlined in a memorandum of understanding or steering committee charter.
  • Technical Co-sponsorship: The IEEE Computer Society volunteers and members actively participate in the meeting’s technical program committee. The Computer Society accepts no financial or legal liability for the meeting. You can use the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society logos for your conference, but may not use IEEE in the conference name.

How to apply for sponsorship?

Conference organizers who wish to apply for the sponsorship of their event must familiarize themselves with the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society sponsorship policies prior to submitting an application. It is of particular importance that applicants verify their eligibility for sponsorship before sending any requests to the TCCC chair. Also note that your application for financial sponsorship must be completed one year ahead of the meeting to allow time to obtain Technical Community approvals and endorsements, negotiate and approve contracts, and allow time for promotion.

Benefits of being (co-)sponsored by TCCC

Every year TCCC is sponsoring several academic events (see here for a list). Benefits for organizers include:

  • Inclusion of your paper submission deadline in the TCCC newsletter
  • Eligibility to use the IEEE plagiarism checking service for all submissions
  • Possibility to use the IEEE Conference Publishing Services to publish your conference proceedings in the IEEE digital library
  • Assignment of a direct contact from the TCCC executive committee (usually one of our conference liaison chairs)
  • Eligibility to request student participation grants and support to host a N2WOMEN meeting at your event
  • Possibility to offer networking activities for early career researchers (contact our student outreach chair for possible options)